Gerry Smith   ( BA Hons  P.G.C.E.A )

Currently Producing and Directing Films.

Managing performers and events.

Directing Camera Editing Sound

Professional Photographer

He has many years experience working with students aiming at  non traditional entry to film and broadcast sectors.

Over 20 years experience as Senior Manager working in education, regeneration and the creative sector.
Projects include Working Broadband an international programme to develop the creative sector. 

ITV : Enabling Talent,  : Roots&routes involving nine countries. BBC  ( Bollywood shorts )

As a trainer/consultant  he enjoys supporting creative companies and new talent.

He has raised over 13m Euro in funding as well as project managing many international programmes.

Speaker at many international conferences. 

Published a range articles. 

Paul Boutsen
Based in Belgium, Paul has an international reputation in regeneration. He has worked at Flemish Government level in developing regional strategies in post industrial regions. Current work involves assisting  on energy and coal developments in the Ukraine, and C.E.O. of arts organisation : Het Vervolg,
Previous work includes managing director of renewable energy company. Developing Limburg Region regeneration strategy.

André Toussaint

André is a qualified ICT professional with wide-ranging experience in IT consulting and web-based communications and sales. Andre works on several projects led by the European Community such as EQUAL, Leonardo and EMERECU Tempus. In his free time he supports media projects like the international video community for youth, music and cultural diversity, Roots’n’Routes and hosts websites like Provokator Magazine , a community produced magazine.

Jason Kirby     Director.  Editor. Actor  

Dane L Logan  Actor.

Eyemoon also had a large network of creative talent based in many countries.